Hello, I'm Thomas Tay

I'm a Software Engineer at Microsoft Teams


Typescript + JS

Distributed Systems


I'm currently working at the backend of the frontend @ Microsoft Teams.

I make sure messages make it from the cloud to your phone.

Specifically, we have developed our own sync layer to manage the complex and distributed nature of the backend of Teams, and I help to maintain the sync engine and internal database.

I majored in Computer Science, and minored in Honors Mathematics.

I love Programming languages, especially ones which change the paradigms of concurrency (Clojure, Elixir, Rust).

In my free time, I do Ballroom Dancing. That photo above was taken at the Ohio Star Ball!

Who I've worked for

University of Michigan Engineering

Instructional Asst, EECS 203

I work as an IA for my university's Discrete Math course

University of Michigan CAEN Web team

Student Web Developer

I'm a student web developer on the school's web team

Raffles Institution

High School Teacher

I taught three classes Biology and Economics over a sustained three month period.

Currently living in Seattle

Check out my resume in the link below

Download my Resume

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