This is going to be a tiny blog post to say that I’ve made a tiny site (microsite?) that’s all about x86 flags. I’m learning about x86 assembly, SIMD, and microarch these few weeks.

The eflags register is really confusing, so i made a tiny simulator to help me remember which flag is which. Particularly the carry and overflow flags, cos f**k whoever thought that was a good way to name their flags.

You can find the site here: x86 flags

Just FYI, here are some sites that I find useful when learning x86:

  1. Agner fog
  2. x86 stack overflow. Look for Peter Cordes.
  3. Bit twiddling hacks
  4. Anything by Wojciech Muła That guy is a god.
  5. simd json internals by Geoff Langdale
  6. The picohttp parser SIMD algorithm